WBC posting rules

Welcome to WildBillsChiefs.com!

We respectfully request that you observe and abide by the following disclaimers, rules and guidelines:

Although the Administrators of WildBillsChiefs.com attempt to keep all objectionable posts and materials off of these boards, it is impossible for us to review every message that is posted. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of WildBillsChiefs.com or Invision Power Boards (developers of Invision forum software) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

The Administrators of WildBillsChiefs.com have the right to delete, edit, merge, move, or close any post for any reason without notice. Although we generally attempt to post, email, or PM an explanation of our actions, we are not required to do so.

When you register, you agree that you will not post any messages that are considered obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

Section I - Under the Agree and Objectionable Message clauses, users are also prohibited from:

1. Personal Attacks
----a. Posting insulting, inflammatory and provocative words, phrases, and comments aimed at another member and/or groups of members
----b. Name-calling and/or labeling of a specific member and/or groups of members
----c. Calling out a member and/or groups of members with the specific intent of engaging them in an inflammatory and/or confrontational manner

2. Smack talk
----a. Posting insulting, threatening, and inflammatory comments aimed at a fan or groups of fans of an opposing team

3. Advertising
----a Selling tickets (use our Ticket Exchange Section)
----b. Advertising your website and/or products for any reason without the expressed written consent of wildbillschiefs.com founder and owner, Bill Krumel.

4. Profanity
---a. Substituting symbols for censored words and/or phrases.
---b. Purposely misspelling words to get around the filter

5. Spamming
----a. Repeated short posts
----b. Posting articles and other material from commercial and subscription-based websites
----c. Advertising your website and/or products for any reason without the expressed written consent of wildbillschiefs.com founder and owner, Bill Krumel.
----d. Posting subject matter that is off-topic

6. Multiple User Accounts
---a. Each member is only allowed one WildBillsChiefs.com account per email address and IP address.

7. Disclosure of Site Policy Enforcement
---a. Posting messages about site policy and criticism of Administrators
---b. Publicly discussing administrative actions taken against yourself and/or other members

In addition, users are strongly encouraged to:

- Stay on-topic to each specific board/post in its respective forum.

- Use the SEARCH function to minimize redundant threads.

- Use Private Messaging or E-mail links instead of "paging" a member or/groups of members on the boards.

- Use Private Messaging or E-mail links to settle any personal disputes.

- Contact a staff member immediately via pm or email if an infraction of site policy has been committed against yourself or others. Don't try to take matters into your own hands.

- Abide by the originating website's rules and policies regarding the distribution and duplication of their content when posting material from other sites on WBC forums.

- Maintain a sense of humor and decency.

Section II - Warn Level and Suspensions

Each member has a Warn Level located beneath their screename in their profile. It is not visible to other members -- only WildBillsChiefs.com staff. Warn Levels can be raised or lowered in 20% increments from 0%-100%. Each time a member commits a rules infraction, their Warn Level will be increased by 20% and any applicable disciplinary action will be enforced in accordance with the following guidelines:

1st infraction = 20% warn level
2nd infraction = 40% warn level and 1-week suspension
3rd infraction = 60% warn level and 2-month suspension
4th infraction = 80% warn level and suspended indefinitely

If a member's account is suspended, they lose all membership privileges for the duration indicated by the guidelines above. When Warn Levels are raised or reduced (see Warn Level Reductions), the member is notified via both email and pm by WildBillsChiefs.com staff with details regarding the action taken.

Section III - Warn Level Reductions

We allow members with warn levels of 20% or higher to apply for Warn Level Reductions in accordance with the following guidelines:

20% warn level = eligible to apply for warn level reduction in 2 months after infraction
40% warn level = eligible to apply for warn level reduction in 2-4 months after suspension served
60% warn level = eligible to apply for warn level reduction in 3-5 months after suspension served

Once eligible to apply, it is up to the member to send an application via e-mail or PM to any staff member of WildBillsChiefs.com with their desire to seek Warn Level Reduction.

The WildBillsChiefs.com staff member contacted will then convene a board to consist of not less than three staff members to rule on the application.

The member will then be contacted by the originating staff member informing them of the board's decision. When necessary they will also be advised of when they may be able to apply for reductions concerning warnings that remain on their account.

If a member commits another infraction before they become eligible for Warn Level Reduction then their eligibility is automatically denied, their warn level will be raised and the corresponding suspension will be enforced on their account.

Section IV - Posting Images

Signature images, attachments, uploaded pictures, and avatars MAY NOT have any scantily clad people in them, anything that is not of good intentions, family friendly, or work friendly. Please do not attach images or other files which have no bearing on a thread. If your signature is more than 5 lines of text, or contains an image greater than 400x150 pixels, please do your best to reduce it's size. Not everyone has a high speed Internet connection. There are options for turning off signature viewing, but members actually like to view your signature.

Section V - Announcements

The Announcements are on the boards to be read. Many times, problems and questions can be answered by just reading them. Be sure to check out the Help page as well. It contains many frequently asked questions.

Please do not get the impression that we are trying to ruin your fun or somehow limit your self-expression! There is a time and a place for everything, and this website has chosen to remain football-driven and family-orientated hence all of the above rules and guidelines. Please help out by following them. In doing so, you ultimately make WildBillsChiefs.com more enjoyable for yourself as well as others.

Thank you, have fun and please visit again.